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They run to me!

Mar 29, 2017 by Redjamook


Life gets busy. It’s hard and its messy at times. It also is the best experience any of could ever dream of. At the end of January, I went a meeting where one of the speakers stated, “Be the person people run to and not run from.” I wonder some days how am I doing as a parent? Do my kids want to run to me or are they running to others? As I reflected on this life changing question, I believe my children run to me. I see the amazing talents they have and how well they are doing and know we must be doing something right…


T is a true leader. We have been told this by his teachers and other parents. I see him leading his brother at home more up the path of silliness and less up the path of make mom happy but nonetheless, I must agree. He has been passing off scriptures at church. On Sunday, he got James to do it too. Little brother stepped up!


In February, I was the school when I noticed R’s art project on the wall. It was a wonderful drawing of Starry Night. I am looking forward to having it hang on our wall here at home.

Early February, brought snow to the point we had a few snow days. The children, Frank, Libby and I ran to spend time in it. Before we knew it hours had gone by and we need to have lunch and naps. Following our time inside, many returned outside for hours again. The big boy tried out our snowboards. R loved it and kept going up and down the hill until it was time to come in due to the sun going down.



C had his first birthday. Where does the time go? He wanted the candles on his cake so bad. We had to keep his hands away. He enjoyed eating the frosting but did not enjoy the goops on his hands. He would fling as he shook his hands to get it off. The favorite gift amongst his brothers was a book called, Don’t Push the Button. Its very fun to read with the boys.



The boys and I had a photoshoot with balloons to celebrate Valentine’s day. They all were so good to make it fun. I don’t think the bribe of a getting a balloon hurt.



D showed signs for using his imagination. He found a box, opened two of the flaps and pretend it was an airplane. It is a big thing for him. He really is blossoming.


Taking on more responsibility is a sign of growing up. R has started making his own lunch just like his big brothers. He is also managing his breakfast before school. He is very proud of his accomplishments and owning it! Go R!


One of the nights at the end of the month was very tender. D was all tucked in. I was walking out the door and he said, “Good night mom. Thanks for being the best mom.” So sweet! Melt my heart! And that is how I know my children run to me and not from me.


I have the best kids!

2017 January

Mar 29, 2017 by Redjamook

Just before the start of every year most people tend to think about what goals would be good to set. My broad goal is to focus on the Spirit. If I can do that then I can meet my other goals as a mother. Have more patience… Don’t jump to conclusions… Be kinder… Know when to just walk away… I am sure I am not the only one to feel this way when dealing with kids. One conversation with Frank on how to teach obedience went something like this…


M: How do we teach obedience?

F: Get dog training!

M: For the kids?


Case in point by me focusing on the Spirit I knew he was probably not the best one to consult on this one… The reason I asked this question is because the start of the year means vacation comes to an end for the kids. One of our children has always had emotional issues. When he is deregulated he will soil his pants. This year I am praying for a way for him to move pass this stage. A prompting came one afternoon and before I knew Libby and I were executing it before dinner. We took two of the boys to Build a Bear. One picked out a bear with a heart on it. This bear also has his binky inside of it. The other boy picked out a green bear and put bubble gum smell inside of it. They were in heaven! The children enjoyed the whole experience. Since that day, our home has been binky free except for the bear which is now named Binky. We have found the bear to be very helpful to the other one to with some of the emotional issues.



We imposed a new motto with the year for our family. See the need, meet the need. J is taking the motto to heart. He loaded the dishwasher for the first time in his life without being asked. The big brothers going back to school brought colds and germs into the house in January. Both babies ended up with ear infections. He has also been good to offer cuddles, help find blankets or stuffies. He has really become a big help around the house and to the family!


Soccer picked back up with the return to school. The weather was cold and wet. T had some great games. The boys played hard in the Winter Classic. The parents were just trying not to turn in popsicle’s. There was snow on the ground and massive cold winds blowing. I would be ok with indoor soccer… (I’m not a true NW soccer mom.)



Shout out to R! He could tell me the story of the 10 virgins from 2 months ago, when they taught it at church. He was correct in all his details and could retell it almost perfectly. JOY! Proud Moment!


Boy Scouts have been an adjustment for J to enjoy. In January, they worked on knots. He really got into it. He came home practicing and playing with his brothers, it was fun to see as the parent. I think what surprised me more is when he call my dad and asked him to come over and work with him on tying knots. My dad who had just got home from work, came over without delay. The two of them had good bonding time. Thanks Dad!


January ended with C trying to build his confidence to walk. He was talking more steps and walking along things. Love to see the boys grow.



December 2016

Feb 7, 2017 by Redjamook

Many great thought of December come to mind when I think back. The month started off with some snow and a no school day. A family in the ward with a indoor pool and a personal visit from Santa turned it into the best no school day possible. C saw Santa for the first time. He did great and got some cute pictures.


N asked to say his prayer before bed and did a great job mostly on his own. It is so sweet to hear the prayers of children.  His prayer reminded me of the verse in Matthew about consider the lilies. I need to focus on today and the kids they are only this young today. Make everything count and count my blessings. Tomorrow they may too big or cool to hang out with me or cuddle. Love my babies!


Some weeks were filled with excitement like R taking and Otter Pop to school as his snack and thinking it was ok… Yah. His plan blew up in his face once the school called to ask! Busted! Had a fun girls day out in Seattle thanks to New Day Northwest on King 5. We got the VIP experience thanks to a donation to our school auction. We got to go back stage and see the new room and get extra goodies. One goodie was the DVD Ben Hur. I really enjoyed it. It’s so sad to see history repeating itself and how a family can be divided by hate.



Finding one on one times with the kids can be hard. I love hearing their laughs and try to remember the joyous sounds as they change with each stage of their lives. On one day, I got to play with baby C. His smile and love melts my heart. On this day, I got him to fall asleep in my arms which never happens. He likes to put himself to sleep. Mommy bliss!


All aboard! We took the Polar Express and had a great time with kids. We nearly missed it due to traffic. There were all the highlights for the kids like Hot Chocolate, bells and Santa! Lots of fun!



Preparing for Christmas, J told us the three gifts given to Jesus were Gold, Frankenstein and Myrrh. These wonderful memories and joys of Christmas were dampened by D and his ability to deal with transitions. I wish I had answers on how to harness the negativity his anxiety breeds. He walks on others toys and books without thought. Brakes toys! He rips books! We never know what destruction he can do until he has done it. This disruption can be true for R with changes in routines too. Sometime I want to sing the song for Sound of Music, How do we solve the problem like Maria? I don’t always know how to help him and its hard.  I have heard many families in our situation just skip the holidays because it so disruptive to the kids. Sometimes I tend to agree with that thinking.


Christmas was well enjoyed with my family over at our home. The kids were happy with the things they got and were very excited with the air hockey table.



New Year’s Eve have started the tradition of sending Chinese lanterns off. It’s very cold outside. This year we learned for last and started the fire in the house so they would heat up faster and then let them off from the deck. It’s a fun activity for the kids to do.



And there you have it. 2016 in the books!